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It is imperative that the student-athlete complete this information. Others are permitted to assist in the completion of these forms but the student-athlete is ultimately responsible for all information that is provided.

If the forms are NOT completed by the student-athlete, the student-athlete will lose eligibility.

Please note that you will need a UC Davis email account to access the system.

Instructions regarding the Online Eligibility Process:

This process will take an average of 30-45 minutes to fully complete. You will be prompted to fill out several forms, required by UC Davis and the NCAA prior to practice and competition. These forms will inquire about a variety of subjects, including medical information, outside financial aid, publicity and prior accomplishments, and general eligibility information. For some information, you might need assistance from your parent/guardian (especially the medical insurance forms). Please take the time to begin the process as soon as possible. If you are unable to fully complete the forms during your initial visit to the site, or if you encounter problems, you will be able to return to the site at a later time. You also might be notified by the department of athletics that you need to return to the site to fill out additional paperwork. If you have any questions about the forms themselves or the information requested, feel free to contact the
Department of Athletics.

View a list of important dates including:

• deadline for submission of your eligibility forms, physical form and medical forms


• date of first practice

• date of eligibility meeting

If you are a new student-athlete (new to the institution or did not complete the year on a UC Davis Intercollegiate team), you can download a PDF version of the physical form

Please note that sickle cell solubility test results are now required for all incoming student-athletes and anyone who is trying out for a team. The physical packet has more information.


If you are a returning student-athlete, you can download a PDF version of the Returners Medical History form here.

Mail all physical forms and sickle cell solubility test results to:
Athletic Training Room
264 Hickey Gym
UC Davis
Davis, CA 95616

If you need information on the UC Davis Intercollegiate Athletics Insurance Policy, please click here.

This is intended as a summary or an explanation of benefits. It does not in any way serve to change or supersede the master policies.

All freshmen (and most transfers) who wish to participate in Intercollegiate Athletics must be cleared by the NCAA Initial Eligibility Center. Click
here to begin this process or, if you are already registered, to check your status.

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